Committed to the environment

Sustainable Spirit

The future is in our hands

At Loyal Print, we place special emphasis on environmental prevention and commitment to the environment. That is why we promote and work on a process of continuous improvement of the management, prevention and reduction of environmental impacts.

Responsible forest management

Loyal Print is PEFC® and FSC® certified. We comply with the corresponding standards as our raw material comes from responsibly-managed forests. 

Reduction of energy consumption

Our facilities in Barberà del Vallès have solar panels that allow for more efficient and environmentally friendly energy management.

Waste management

We carry out an effective separation of the waste we generate into cardboard and plastics, in order to be able to recycle as many discarded components as possible.

Sustainable inks

Loyal Print is committed to the use of organic or plant-based inks that do not include chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.

Sustainable packaging

Our products are shipped in sustainable packaging made of recyclable materials and the use of polluting products is eliminated as much as possible.

Ecological printing

Loyal Print offers non-polluting printing by not emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

The brand of responsible forest management.

Promotion of sustainable forest management.

All products are available FSC® and PEFC certified upon request only.

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