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Board books are one of the star products of our printing company and offer the possibility of adding windows, die-cut shapes, spacers, hardcover, among many other finishes. Our specialisation means that we are constantly improving our production process, always in search of maximum efficiency and quality.

Each board book has its essence and the objective of awakening certain senses in children. To provide that gameplay factor, can elements such as mechanisms, flaps, or windows may be added. In short, that distinguishing element is given to board books so that the little ones learn by playing.

Board books

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New Trends in Board Book Printing

One of the greatest current trends in cardboard book printing is to print with recycled materials. These types of materials are ecofriendly for two reasons: due to the reduction in the use of virgin wood, which is used to make cellulose, and due to the savings in energy consumption used to make it. The recycled cardboard book used in the cardboard story is a very good alternative to make parents and children aware of the importance of caring for our planet.

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